William B. Pidwell, M.D.

Sports Medicine Specialist

Dr. William B. Pidwell believes in a tailored approach to orthopedic care, considering both surgical and non-surgical options for his patients. While he acknowledges that certain conditions may benefit from surgery, Dr. Pidwell emphasizes the potential for successful healing through less invasive approaches. He provides thorough evaluations, diagnoses, and appropriate treatments, ensuring his patients receive the most suitable care.

If surgery is deemed necessary, Dr. Pidwell promptly arranges consultations with his esteemed partners at The Orthopedic Partners. For cases where non-surgical alternatives are viable, he thoroughly reviews evidence-based options from medical literature. This may include casting, splinting, bracing, physical therapy, as well as injections with cortisone, hyaluronic acid,  PRP, or Stem Cell therapy. Dr. Pidwell recognizes that each patient and condition is unique, and he collaborates with individuals to determine the most appropriate course of action.

Dr. Pidwell has been an integral part of the medical community in Park City, UT for the past 20 years. Initially, he worked at the Park City Clinic, providing both family medicine and urgent care services. His experience further expanded as he served in the emergency departments of the Park City and Heber Medical Centers.

In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Pidwell has been actively involved with the Park City and Canyons Ski Clinic. There, he attended to acute ski injuries and provided training to residents and sports medicine fellows from across the country. In 2016, he joined the Rosenberg Cooley Metcalf Clinic, now The Orthopedic Partners, where he now exclusively focuses on non-operative orthopedic sports medicine care at their Park City office.

Dr. Pidwell's personal interests align with his professional endeavors, as he enjoys participating in various sports and endurance activities. His passions include hockey, baseball, football, soccer, and skiing. He has even completed several half-ironman races and local endurance events, including the Point-to-Point Mountain Bike Race in Park City. Additionally, Dr. Pidwell was an active member of the Deer Valley Ski Patrol for 23 years, allowing him to continue working with orthopedic injuries in the most acute, on-mountain settings.

Through his extensive experience and dedication to his patients' well-being, Dr. William B. Pidwell strives to provide exceptional non-operative orthopedic sports medicine care, enabling individuals to recover and thrive in their chosen activities.

Areas of Expertise

  • Sports Medicine
  • Regenerative Medicine (Stem Cell and PRP)
  • Nonsurgical Fracture Care


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