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Thomas D. Rosenberg, M.D.

Dr. Rosenberg grew up in Northern Utah. He attended the University of Utah Medical School. His orthopedic training occurred at the Universities of Utah and of Wisconsin in 1973 to 1978. Dr. Rosenberg co-founded the Fitness Institute at LDS Hospital in 1980, The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital (TOSH) in Salt Lake City in 1991, the RCM Clinic in Park City, Utah (with Dr. Vernon Cooley) in 1998, the non-profit nutrient supplementation company, Nutriex in 1999, the ProHealth Lab in 2009 (now LiveWell), Dry Creek Charity in 2011 and Plant-Based Utah in 2016 (with Dr. Patrick Olson).

Viewed as an innovator, Dr. Rosenberg invented new arthroscopic meniscal repair techniques and developed new tools and methods for ACL reconstruction. Specifically, he is best known for the endo-button and quadrupled semitendinosus reconstruction (single and double tunnel methods) techniques for ACL reconstruction. He has developed widely utilized tools for chondroplasty of the knee, including the Full-radius Resector, curved chondroplasty devices, and microfracture instruments. He has designed bony-integration patellar implants and techniques for athletic knee replacements. His x-ray method, the 45° flexion P-A weight-bearing view (Rosenberg View), is widely used internationally.

Dr. Rosenberg retired from his orthopedic practice in October of 2018.  Dr. Rosenberg continues to stay involved in patient care, the community and his passion for preventive health and nutrition through his work with The People’s Clinic, Dry Creek Charity and Plant Based Utah.  Dr. Rosenberg enjoys spending time with his wife, their children and grandchildren.  Tom can be found exploring the mountains of the Wind River and on the golf course surrounded by his friends and colleagues.